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References | Surveying, Mapping & Cadastral Registration

Makkah 3D Mobile Mapping as subcontractor to NZAM

(6400 km), (2017)

NEOM Project

PIF – Saudi Arabia

Satellite, Aerial, Terrestrial and Cadastral Mapping (60000 km2) 


Railway Corridor Mapping

Yapi Merkezi – Ethiopia

(40cm GSD / 10x400 km, 5cm GSD / 0.5x400 km)


Terrestrial Farm Surveys & Development of Farm LIS

MEWA  (Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture) – Saudi Arabia

(Survey of 2500 farms, digital mapping of agricultural parcels and establishment of agricultural geodatabase & LIS)


Railway Corridor Mapping

Yapi Merkezi – Tanzania

(10cm GSD Orthophoto and 4Pts/m2 LIDAR production 2x340 km)


Blue Stream Pipeline Survey and Mapping Project

BOTAS – Turkey

(600 km)


Third Generation Planning of Benghazi Region

Urban Planning Agency – Libya

(Regional, Sub-Regional and Master & Detail Planning)


Consultancy Services for National Mapping and Capacity Building


Surveying Department of Libya


Cadastral Registration and Mapping

TKGM – Turkey

(3 Provinces / 53000 parcels covering 425 km2)


Satellite Mapping & GIS Development

(compiling 0.4-1.0m resolution orthorectified imagery and land base development covering an area of 150,000 km2), STC - Saudi Arabia (2002-2005)

Digital Mapping of Istanbul as Subcontractor to Ada-MNG-Kutlubey Consortium

(1:1000 / 490 map sheet), Istanbul Greater Municipality – Turkey (2006-2009)

Al Ahsa Digital Mapping as subcontractor to PASCO

(1/1000 & 1/2500 scale digital photogrammetric mapping of 730 km2; 1/10000 mapping of 8500 km2 and 1/20000 mapping of 14750 km2; and orthophoto mapping of 8500 km2), (2007-2011)

Satellite Mapping & Network Integration

(orthorectification of GE-1 and VW-2 images, vectorization and integration with telecom network), STC - Saudi Arabia (2014-2015)

National Satellite Map & LU/LC Development

(Establishing orthorectified Imagery of 5m resolution RapidEye, determining Land Use – Land Classification (LU-LC) of 25 classes), MOWE – Saudi Arabia (2014-2015)

Fault Geo Locator (FGL) Project

(Preparation of intelligent street network for all major cities of Saudi Arabia, software development and application for FGL), STC - Saudi Arabia (2008-2017)

Jeddah & Makkah Utility Surveys and Mapping, jointly with AEC

(15000 km of Water and Wastewater), NWC – Saudi Arabia (2015-2017)

Makkah Orthophoto Mapping

(18cm GSD / 1825 km2), GCS - Saudi Arabia

Orthophoto Mapping of Makkah Region as subcontractor to NZAM

(40cm GSD / 14500 km2, 10cm GSD / 4000 km2, 7.5cm GSD / 1200 km2), (2014-2017)

Madinah Geospatial Project

(data conversion, integration and Smart Madinah Establishment), Madinah Municipality – Saudi Arabia (2018- Present)

Al-Ula Project

Satellite, Aerial, Terrestrial and Cadastral Mapping, 3D Modelling (3200 km2), RCU – Saudi Arabia (2018- Present)

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