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The companies work in close coordination and cooperation under GeoTech Group which received its ISO-EN 9001:2000 Certificate No KY-3281/4 in 2004.

The Group responds to the needs of clients in the Middle East and Africa in the fields of: Geodetic Engineering (geodetic networks, GPS/GNSS Surveys and computations, CORS); Terrestrial Surveying and Mapping (terrestrial topographic surveys / cadastral surveys and mapping, 3D mobile mapping); Photogrammetric and Satellite Mapping (photogrammetric mapping, orthophoto, satellite mapping and image processing); Geospatial Data and Information (data conversion and integration, geodatabase development, GIS/LIS establishment, software development, Geoportal development); IT Services (archival automation, document management, and e-Government services).

GeoTech Group's most important asset is its highly educated, skilled and competent staff experienced in geomatics engineering and IT services.

GeoTech Group's annual turnover exceeds 20 million USD. It is led by Dr. Kamil Eren, President & CEO, who has served in the region and in geomatics engineering since 1980 as an academic and consultant at various universities and at the United Nations. At GeoTech, he oversees a team of over 200, with five experts holding Ph.D. degrees.

GeoTech is equipped with modern hardware / software and IT equipment. At the present, GeoTech is the most qualified consultant in the Middle East and Africa in geomatics engineering.

The strength of GeoTech Group lies in its globally competitive technological capabilities, regional presence and proven record as a solutions partner. GeoTech Group's capabilities are matched by its outstanding reputation built upon nearly two decades of successful work in both public and private sectors.

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