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References | Geodatabase, GIS/LIS, Geoportal & Globe Development

Establishment of Planning Database and Information System

MOMRA - Saudi Arabia

(Rectification, georegistration and vectorization of structural, master and subdivision plans Kingdom wide)


Campus GIS Establishment

KSU - Saudi Arabia

(terrestrial mapping, processing and georegistration of over 20,000 drawings and GIS & AM/FM & Geoportal establishment, Integration with Maximo)

(2003, 2009-2011)

Consultancy for GIS Establishment

SAR - Saudi Arabia


Satellite Mapping

MOWE - Saudi Arabia

LU/LC, GIS and LIS Establishment


GIS & CCC Development jointly with Jeraisy

NIC / MOI - Saudi Arabia

(Development of MOI Geodatabase & Geoportal & AVL, Prototype Command Control & Incident Management software packages)


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