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Public Investment Fund of

Saudia Arabia

Royal Commission for


Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture of

Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs of 

Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Interior of 

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Municipality

  • Saudi Telecom Company (S. Arabia)

  • Saudi Railways Company (S. Arabia)

  • National Water Company (S. Arabia)

  • Najran Municipality (S. Arabia)

  • Urban Planning Agency (Libya)

  • Ethiopian Railways Corporation (Ethiopia)

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (TRNC)

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (Afghanistan)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of European Union

The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning

General Directorate of Land Registry & Cadastre

  • General Directorate of Highways

  • Turkey State Railways

  • General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works

  • Ilbank

  • BOTAŞ Petroleum Transportation Company with Pipelines

  • Prime Ministry Privatization Administration

  • The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality


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