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Development of e-government Modules, IT Applications, Maintenance and Operation (DisNET consisting of over 90 Modules.

DisNet is a successful e-governmenttechnology developed for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The underlying modern technology and know-how enables Disnet to be adapted to any large institution. Services provided to meet your insitutional requirements are as follows:

  • Institutional analysis

    • Examination of current status​

    • Determination of requirements

  • Collection of data at a single source

  • Adaptation or development of modüles for any institution

  • Setup and education

  • Technical support and maintenance

e-Government applications require extensive administrative work in addition to cutting edge technology. We have spent extensive time and effort on ease of use, adaptation of personnel to the new technology and a healthytransition process during the developmental stage of DisNet. 


Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

BelgeArsiv is a high-technology document management system. BelgeArsiv is a web based application that has been tested by thousands of users and millions of documents. 

BelgeArsiv is a fully featured modern document management system;

  • Handle all document management through a browser

  • Ensure secure, authenticated access

  • Support for electronic signature

  • Acquire metadata through government services

  • Extremely fast search

  • Mobile extensions

  • Multiple signatures and workflow design

  • Integration with scanned archives

Partial List of Customers;

  • Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Turkish Ministry of EU Affairs

  • Yunus Emre Instıtute

  • Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Ministry of Agriculture - Saudi Arabia

Archival Digitization & Automation

Archives, which have properties such as recalling connections with the past and unknown events of such times, make up the memory of a society.​

For centuries up till now, archives have been arranged according to the needs of the time, striving to meet the demands. ​

Definition of archive services and determination of targets concerning archive management are needed.​

First of all, establishing an infra-structure which consists of essential managerial conditions such as legislation, human resources, finance and education; and also planning the archive management are required.​

In this context, execution and management of archive services are performed in line with predefined targets.​

When working in a setting of coordination with in-house bodies and related institutions is assured, archives are efficient foundations that can be easily accessed, when needed.

Archival Automation and GIS Establishment

Istanbul Greater Municipality - Turkey

(2M Pages and 100,000 Drawings is being scanned, digitized and georegistered)


Archival Digitization and Automation

MFA – Turkey

(45M Pages sorted, scanned, attributed and archived by 300 people)


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