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References | Geodetic Networks / CORS

Establishment of National CORS / MTRF2000 Datum

MOMRA - Saudi Arabia

(100 Stations)


Establishment of Riyadh Regional CORS / MTRF2000 Datum

Riyadh Regional Municipality - Saudi Arabia

(35 Stations)


Establishment of National CORS-TR / ITRF1996 Datum

TUBITAK – Turkey

(150 Stations, Dr. K. Eren served as Project Manager, and as of March 2018, the system has about 10,000 registered users.) 


Establishment of National Geoid / MVD-2008 Datum

MOMRA - Saudi Arabia

(2000 km of geometric leveling, existing national BMs, GPS leveling and then geoid determination by thin-plate technique)


Establishment of National Geodetic Net / MTRF2000 Datum as subcontractor to KLM

​(672 Stations)


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